John is the founder of Claire's Dog Camp and Sanctuary Farm.  He started it almost two decades ago, in his home in Vermont.  He put up a flyer, and the dogs started coming.  He has also worked closely with rescue organizations for over 12 years.  He has fostered and helped rehabilitate a whole lot of dogs through the years, there is always at least one foster dog at Camp.  He has also adopted quite a few rescue dogs over the years, who live out their lives peacefully on the farm, playing with the dog pack.


Over fifteen years ago we started pack mentality care.  Our mission is to show people that dogs are pack animals and love to be together.  We strive to make dogs feel comfortable by keeping them out of cages, providing a home environment, and lots of room to run and play. 

Our Mission


Linda is our amazing neighbor and horse whisperer! We are eternally grateful for all that she does at the farm!

Our staff