Pack Centered Care

Claire's Dog Camp is a true pioneer in pack-centered care in Vermont.  When we started 15 years ago, there was no one doing what we do, there weren't even that many dog day cares!  We started on the basis that dogs are pack animals and not only can they get along but it's really good for dogs to have that instinctual experience!  The way we make it work is by watching the dogs all day every day and monitoring their body language to anticipate their actions before they act on them.  Our staff are highly trained and carefully chosen to be able to learn dog behavior and also to be the leader or "alpha" of the pack so the dogs don't compete for that role.  They get to run and play  care free between their large fenced-in pasture and the farm house.  We have used this method for years to exercise the dogs and also to rehabilitate many foster dogs.

*We accept cash or check*

*Boarding  at Claire's costs$30.00 per night, if you pick your dog up by 1:00pm the following day.

(After 1:00pm we add the daycare rate).

*Daycare  costs $20.00  per day

*Late fee is$25.00  per hour after we close(drop off or pick up).

*Unneutered  male fee is $45/night

*New customers need to bring their vet records or email them to us  and fill out our registration form before their dog can stay. Dogs must be up to date on their vet visits and shots in order to stay at camp.*

                    Disclosure Statement:

Please be aware that there may be increased risk to your dog for sickness or injury while they are at camp.  The dogs are not locked in individual pens and cages and freely associate with each other under supervision.  Incidents of illness or injury are rare but have occurred.  You are responsible for any medical costs associated with your dog's stay at Claire's Dog Camp, regardless of cause. 

Daycare/Boarding Rates: