Justice For Dogs  

Some of our

sweet foster pups!

Visit their facebook page and their website for more info or to make a donation!

www.justicefordogsvt.org   or



❤ "What do these dogs and countless others have in common?
That's right they have all been fostered at Claire's Dog Camp and because of their help we have been able to find them wonderful homes.
The team at Claire's is compassionate and has so much passion for the animals. The dogs that go there truly have a ball and more fun than you can imagine. So next time you plan your vacation make sure that your dog will have a vacation with at least as much fun as you will have on yours.
Warning: your dog will come home happy, tired and sometimes depending on the time of year a little muddy!"- Justice For Dogs

Justice For Dogs is an amazing organizationstarted by a local Vermont woman in 2007.  This nonprofit takes in dogs that shelters deem un-adoptable or dogs are taken from homes that are known to be unsuitable environments.  They also rescue kitties!  Even feral cats, they catch and take them to the vet to get their shots and neutered/spayed.  Once they rescue the animals and put them in foster care, Justice For Dogs works very hard to find the absolute perfect forever home for their fur friends.  We are the foster home for many of their dogs and even home to a few barn cats!  We at Claire's Dog Camp foster almost all of the dogs that go through Justice For Dogs. Our foster care and behavioral work are donated to Justice For Dogs; we neither ask for nor receive money for our services. Many of the dogs are traumatized and need therapy and rehabilitation to be adoptable.  With our behavioral work, dedication, and wide open space we provide that therapy for many dogs.  Some dogs take a week to be ready, some dogs take years.  By choosing to board with Claire's, you are helping Sanctuary farm take care of these animals and helping give these dogs another chance at life.